Extremely bored. I never post selfies. No friends on Easter Sunday.
Why did I just.. ?

I am stupid.

Skinny white guys with tattoos. 

I have a weakness.

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Eating my feelings away.


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how/where did you get your finger tattoo done? every shop I've been too tells me they cant or wont do one
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I went to a random shop in Grand Rapids Michigan just on a whim. I have never heard of a place that wouldn’t do them - that’s so odd. I know some artists don’t like doing it because of the small size? But otherwise so odd ~

I’m hoping to fill up my fingers soon I hope I don’t run into that issue.

Finger tattoos are mostly up to the artist. Some artists are reluctant to attach their name to a tattoo that has a high chance of blowing out or not aging well. I find that unless you are moderately covered or are very aware of how finger tattoos may turn out it is difficult to find someone to do it with a fair price. As well as there are artists who will not tattoo anyone on the face, neck, hands unless you are fully covered or are committed to the industry and ‘earned’ it.

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It is NOT okay to be obese.
Before anyone rages at me, let me explain.
I understand that not everyone is going to be ideally thin, it is okay to be a bit above weight, there is nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to the point where it is legitimately obesity, it is not okay. The idea here on tumblr is that all shapes and sizes are beautiful and you’re all perfect. I get why this is said, and I understand and love that a majority of tumblr is supporting strangers around the world and helping them love themselves. That is okay and I agree with that, but what I don’t agree with is telling OBESE people that they are perfect just the way they are. Obesity is a serious problem and it is not okay to sit back and act like everything is okay with being obese because it’s not. I’m not coming from an aesthetic viewpoint on this either, I’m coming from a medical viewpoint. It is not healthy to be obese and it’s not okay to act like everything is fine, because it’s not.

This, exactly. Being obese is unhealthy, but that doesn’t mean you should go around calling obese people landwhales or assume they have poor moral standards due to their weight. People become obese for many reasons, and not all of those are necessarily their fault. Some of them are even mostly outside of their own control, and those people deserve sympathy, not hate. 

Someone said it.

I can agree that it’s not ideal for your health to be obese - but starting the post with “it is NOT ok to be obese” is just not ok either.
If people want to be obese - and I used to believe that no one wanted to be that, but guess what, some people actually like themselves just the fucking way they are and don’t want to be another way - ok? It’s hard for many to believe but that’s just how it is.
People who are obese don’t want your sympathy - they don’t want you to walk around and be like “poor obese person they are probably very sad about being obese, such tragedy.” People don’t fucking “deserve” sympathy - people deserve to be treated with respect and get sympathy when they ask for it.
It might be unhealthy, but it’s fucking ok to be obese if people want to - and it’s ok to be obese if they don’t want to.
What is not ok is the factors that makes people who don’t want to gain weight and not being able to control it. It’s not ok that such a large % of the world’s population is becoming obese and sick.
But that does not mean it’s “not ok” to be obese.


Can someone please start mentioning the fact that you can’t tell how healthy someone is based on their weight? 
OP, if you’re trying to promote health and fitness in the world, that’s great. But stop pretending the health conditions you are referencing only apply to people who are overweight. What you’re doing is fat-shaming and body policing and disguising it as “health concerns,” while excusing thin people in the process. Health problems come from inactivity and a poor diet, not just from being overweight.
From Time, “People with stellar metabolisms and magical genes may not look the part, but they can have the same medical issues as an obese person: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and out-of-control blood sugar.”
From NBCNews.com, “In the study, about 51 percent of overweight adults […] had mostly normal levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood fats called triglycerides and blood sugar. Almost one-third of obese adults,  […] also were in this healthy range.”
Basically, it is possible for someone to be thin and unhealthy. Also possible: someone who is obese and healthy. Imagine that.
So, OP, chill out with your fake concern for obese people and commenting on the weight of others as if you know what their insides look like. The only person who can comment on someone’s weight from a “medical viewpoint,” and not an “aesthetic viewpoint,” is their doctor.
Oh, stop it. I’m blushing.
I’m fucking bored, guys. Haaaaaalp.

I want to have friends, but I hate everyone.

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My coworker brought me quail eggs!
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Guys, I finally got an Instagram!

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Date night!